Hood to Coast 2016

This was my first year running the Hood to Coast relay race and it will be an experience that I will never forget, for a few reasons.

This was my first relay race so this was a race that was completely new format for me. I was able to get on a team thanks to a post I saw in the Timbers Army Running Club group on Facebook. I didn’t have a race that weekend on my schedule, so I jumped on the chance to be able to check this race off my todo list. During the planning stages of the race for the team, we were asked to look at the legs and figure out which one we wanted to run. Since I run mostly OCR’s now, I didn’t really care which leg I ran, so I simply told the group, “I don’t care which leg I run, so I will take whichever leg is the leftover.” Continue reading Hood to Coast 2016

BattleFrog is dead…

Here is an email that I received from BattleFrog yesterday…

Thank you for being a valued customer.  Today, BattleFrog announced that it will be suspending its 2016 racing season as it focuses its efforts on product alignment and its popular media programming.  As a result, all races have been cancelled.

Continue reading BattleFrog is dead…

Longest Distance (New Record)

I started a marathon training plan 11 weeks ago, so it was bound to happen: a new record for longest distance. I beat my previous distance of 13.3 miles by .7-.5 of a mile depending on what platform you check. I guess GPX files from one site transferred to another adds distance? Who knew.. Today I ran 14.07 miles and while I was tired and really had to use the bathroom, I felt that I could have gone on for a number of miles further. Continue reading Longest Distance (New Record)

2016 Shamrock Run and Zombies Run Virtual 5k

Training has been going well. I’ve started another round of P90X to help train for the Super Spartan in Seattle which is 3 weeks away. In the past few weeks I’ve completed two races, the Shamrock Run Half and the latest Zombies Run virtual race. Continue reading 2016 Shamrock Run and Zombies Run Virtual 5k

Disneyland 2016 Star Wars Rebel Challenge

I know last year I said that I wouldn’t do the Star Wars Half Marathon as Disney races are very expensive and you really can’t run a true race, unless you are the first 50 out the gate, due to the course going through Disneyland and has multiple choke points. It was hard to turn off my competitive switch, but I did what I could to enjoy the runs.

Saturday was the 10k, which was 98% inside of Disneyland and like all Disneyland races I have done the race was to start at 5:30am. Luckily I was staying at the Disneyland Hotel, so I was fortunate enough to wake up at 4:45am to start the race and not 3:30am like last year. While doing my pre-race stretches, the middle of my lower back gave me a little ZING and I was horrified. I did a quick jog and I didn’t feel my back, so I was hopeful that I would be able to finish the race, that started in less than 10 minutes. I continued my pre-race stretching and a few minutes later, the race started. Continue reading Disneyland 2016 Star Wars Rebel Challenge

MORE WEIGHT! – Fundraiser for Special Olympics OR

Last year for a fundraiser I did a Tropical 5k Santa Run in Portland, OR, on Christmas day in 38° F weather. It rained, it hailed, it was for a good cause. This year, I ant to up the ante a bit and run farther than I ever have before and with weights. But there is a catch! Think of this as a fundraising kickstarter. My goal for the Super Plunge is $3,542 and I currently sit at $525. The run will take place on 12/26 starting at a 5k and if the total donated is above the level listed below, that’s what will happen.
The levels are:

  • $650 is a 5k no weights
  • $800 is a 10k with 3 lbs on each arm
  • $1000 is a 15k with 3 lbs on each arm and 5 lbs in a backpack
  • $1200 is a half marathon with 3 lbs on each arm and 10 lbs in a backpack
  • $1500 is 15 miles with 3 lbs on each arm and 20 lbs in a backpack

Now, with the above levels, I have never run more than 13.3 miles at once and that was with no weights. I will be running with Runkeeper’s (or Runtastic’s) live tracking and will post a link for it and I will be posting pictures during the run at my instagram account.

The donation page is here and your donation is 100% tax deductible!

Again, as I did last year, donating a total of $50 or more throughout the campaign and I will dedicate a plunge to you. There are 24 spots, so claim yours today!

Plunge Dedications
1. Mari May
2. Eric Cress
3. Tim Howard
4. Stephen Schreiber
5. Chia Huynh
6. Alvaro Lara
7. Shannon Doshier
8. <unclaimed>
9. <unclaimed>
10. <unclaimed>
11. <unclaimed>
12. <unclaimed>
13. <unclaimed>
14. <unclaimed>
15. <unclaimed>
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20151211_185631000_iOSAnd here is last years video!

2015 PNW Spartan Sprint

The 2015 Pacific Northwest Spartan Sprint had a few firsts for me. I ran as part of an impromptu team with two other Hurricane Heat members from the previous night, so penalties could be shared. I failed the Hercules Hoist for the first time ever as the gloves I wore got more slippery when wet and the fire jump was without fire.

Since the Hurricane Heat group failed to memorize “Walking on Sunshine”, I had it playing on repeat for the entire sprint as punishment/entertainment.

The race, once again was in Washougal, WA at the Washougal MX Park. The course mad quite a few changes over last year and the race was a blast. Yes, it was hard, as this is a Spartan Race.

2015 Trifecta is 2/3 complete.

Mental Health

Boy’s aren’t supposed to cry. I heard this a lot when I was growing up. Hide your feelings is another way of putting it. That’s what I did when I was in middle school through college. No, that’s a lie, I still hide some feelings, but I am way more open now than I used to be. I also put a lot of weight into what other people thought of me, more than what I thought of myself. Now, I know that way of thinking was very damaging to myself in many ways, socially, mentally and physically.

I held my emotions in until I exploded. I remember coming home from middle(?) school one day and writing “I am stupid” tens of times in a single sheet of 8.5×11 single lined paper. I don’t recall the reason why, but I have to assume I thought that “I was stupid”. After that I started to go to therapy every week for a number of months. I can only remover a handful of things that happened, taking an IQ test and forgetting what the Eiffel Tower was called, even though I knew the location and going to the comic store afterwards to get Usagi Yojimbo and TMNT comics.  Continue reading Mental Health

HH-073.. The list has been received..

This morning I received the Mandatory Items list for the upcoming Hurricane Heat, HH-073, this weekend. Out of the required items, I have to pick up 10lbs of canned goods and a sharpie (the one I have isn’t waterproof). I still have yet to get the butterflies, but I’m sure they will hit Friday morning.

Now I just need to memorize the following…

I will always place the mission first.
I will never accept defeat.
I will never quit.
I will never leave a fallen comrade.

Hurricane Heat is Two Weeks Out

My first entry into Spartan Race’s Hurricane Heat is two weeks out and I am a little nervous and excited at the same time. This will be my biggest challenge to date. I think this will test me more than the Spartan Beast as I am able to go at my own pace and don’t have to worry about teammates (as no one wants to SPARTAN UP with me).


My Adventures in Obstacle Course Races and Training for them

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